Welcome to Columbine Chateau

Columbine Chateau stands as a mark of elder care competence. We are driven by a mission to be a worthy alternative care. We place residents at the center of our home and all other support revolves around them.

Our residents will enjoy a social environment that keeps them mentally and emotionally nurtured. At our place we keep your loved ones engaged with the activities they delight in. Living with us is about rejoicing all the aspects of life and ultimately celebrating the process of aging.

Our home focuses on activity, health care and active monitoring. We welcome seniors in the hope that we
may ease out their conditions. The most critical need of today is a home that respects, understands and
protects the elders as its own. This is everything we are.
And this makes us an admirable choice in Pueblo West.
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Chery Lucero R.N.

Chery Lucero has made it her life's dream to care for the elderly and handicap at Columbine Chateau. The Chateau has become a place to call home since 2005. She is dedicated to providing all her residents with a home life environment, with unconditional love, support, along with physical and emotional strength.
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Phone: (719) 566-1185
Fax: (719) 404- 4158

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